19 Apr
Why make us hate that which brings us so much joy...?

Is that a rain cloud spilling drops on me? Wait no, it’s a giant man up in the sky with a bulbous red nose who’s drunken hands are pouring vodka into an overflowing shot glass and ruining my pad! Question for Russian anti-drunk poster creator: how shitfaced were you when this happened? Inherent with ambiguity and the Russian nature of duality, they’ll make you that much more confused about Putin’s recent campaign advertising. My personal favorite is the silhouette of a Calvin Klein-esque model slow dancing with his favorite bottle of sauce. While some of them do underscore the detrimental effects of alcohol upon the poor human soul, others make you wonder if the bread Russian people eat is akin to the hallucinogenic mold-bread Hieronymus Bosch ate? Like those Limited Edition Anti-Mario Brothers Posters, why do these Soviet propaganda posters always try to make us hate that which brings us so much joy…?

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