Consider this a cosmic wet willy to your ear — a bullying musical wedgie of the highest order of cruelty. While the LIAS team is presently at Coachella losing our minds academically covering the magical festival in all it’s glory, we’re sharing with you the above Hasselhoff Beat Tape. The aptly named FreshNerd from 100 Akres decided to do the unthinkable: remix David Hasselhoff’s 1985 musical abortion Night Rocker into mixtape form. Yup, the whole album. Taking the challenge of transforming such a work of unspeakable ear sodomy into something that is actually listenable is an amazing achievement, and although the album isn’t a knockout there’s definitely some nice work in there. As FreshNerd explains:

“Yep, that’s right. Yes, I did. I took David Hasselhoff’s 80’s opus, Night Rocker, and flipped out on every track on there. Now believe me when I tell you that the source material for this beat tape might be the worst album I’ve ever heard in my life. Not sure how Hasselhoff managed to gain fans off of this but I gotta give it up for him for being able to sell more than 1 copy of this album. #Swag!

PS: I also flipped the Knight Rider theme and sprinkled in some Knight Rider clips just ’cause of the show’s sheer awesomeness.”

So there you go. If you’re a fan of Knight Rider, K.I.T.T. and general 1980’s geekery give a listen to The Hasselhoff Beat Tape below. And keep in mind while all this is going on the LIAS crew is diligently combing the polo fields for wonderful aural loveliness, most likely in a state of mild delirium. We’re dickheads, I know…

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