31 May
Wilson Audio's massive 655 pounds super speakers

Dave Wilson, founder of Wilson Audio, has released the Alexandria XLF Speakers back in the market. Made up of two woofers (one 15″, and another 13″), a 7″ midrange driver, 1″ tweeter and a 1″ super tweeter, this massive sound system clocks in at 70″ tall and weighs a whopping 655 pounds. Hefty sucker — which barely explains its $200,000 pricetag. Looks like one of those cardboard robots from a low-fi 60’s sci-fi flick. Upon purchasing your new speaker system, you’re able to choose the color to match your decor, and choose which forward or rear-firing bass ports can be selected so you get optimal sound no matter what direction the speakers are facing (i.e. Cross Load Firing Port if you want to get technical). If you do decide to purchase the speakers feel free to send an invite our way, we’ll bring the scotch and mixtapes.

One more look at the $200,000 Alexandria XLF Speakers after the Jump…

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  1. Pat says:

    omgaahh.. MUST… MAKE … SOME.. :-) cool Ms. Friedland

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