21 May
Vampire Weekend bassist Chris Baio showcases side project

It seems that the Vampire Weekend men don’t stop. From side projects to collaborations to features on said side projects, they’re clearly meant to make music. Bassist Chris Baio has been DJing for some time, playing shows in Paris and Seoul, and will have a set at Hard Summer this year too. Today, Sunburn, Baio’s first EP under his moniker Baio, is out for purchase via Greco-Roman. The EP features signature West-African influences (as heard in  Vampire Weekend tracks), and expands them; meaning there’s plenty of bongos, funky heavy bass lines, and luscious steel drums. Combined percussion with balmy vocals will have you feeling like you’re on a tropical island watching the burnt amber sun set, alcoholic drink of choice in hand. Even though it’s just three tracks, Sunburn is perfect mood music — especially with summer within arms reach. Stream the Sunburn EP below and purchase it through iTunes.

GREC023 – Baio ‘Sunburn EP’ by Greco-Roman

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