18 May
San Francisco bass maestro Lorin Ashton's latest LP

Yesterday we brought you Bassnectar’s “Ugly” Video (+ Free Download), and today its his entire new album VAVA VOOM available for streaming. If you like, buy it HERE. Highlights include the classic “Pennywise Tribute” (he always manages to pull out a fine metal remix, don’t he?) and hardcore breakbeat employing “What”, as well as some of the slower more layered tracks like “Butterfly” and “Nothing Has Been Broken”. Special points for tracks that innovatively and skillfully spin unexpected samples like laughter and bouncing ping pong balls into clever rhythmic devices (“Laughter Crescendo” and “Ping Pong” respectively). Really nice work from the San Francisco bass maestro otherwise known as Lorin Ashton… but for the love of god, if you’re gonna listen to it either plug it into your stereo or use headphones, your laptop speakers will not do any of Bassnectar’s work justice…

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  1. FaackinGuyDoodKhed says:

    Awesome, thanks LIAS! Your my Anti hero!!!

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