22 May
Entry-level hydroformed Bianchi bike

If you’re looking for a road bike with all the high-end fixings but at a lesser cost, enter Bianchi’s Impulso Ultegra road bike. The entry-level bicycle, featuring shifters and 10 speed derailleur, is made from aluminum using a ‘hydroforming’ process, eliminating welding in the steering area and allowing Bianchi to customize each part of the frame while maintaining the bike’s weight under 21 lbs. The expensive hydroforming process — which is used in Bentley’s new GT body panels, for instance — uses hydraulic pressure to dial in tube shape and wall thickness. Don’t forget to switch out the bullet-proof wheel set to appropriate treads for your ride. Bianchi’s Impulso Ultegra will have you looking like a pro without breaking the bank with the price tag at $1,700. The Ultegra-equipped version comes in black and the lower priced 105 comes in Bianchi’s signature color, Celeste. Don’t worry, it’ll all pay off when you start winning grand tours and snagging that leftover Armstrong money.

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