9 May
Surely a more positive geek & firearm combo than Columbine

Sometimes nerds and firearms don’t mix so well. The results can be messy. But other times, such as with the new instructional book from Jack Streat titled LEGO Heavy Weapons, the results can be more… creative. LEGO Heavy Weapons details instructions on how to build 1:1 scale replicas of four different guns out of everyone’s favorite childhood building toy, LEGOs: the Desert Eagle (with working blowback action), the AKS-74U assault rifle (with folding stock), the bolt-action Lee Enfield sniper rifle, and the pump-action SPAS shotgun. It may sound like something out of a Cohen’s brother movie, but 17-year old wunderkind Jack Streat actually got his start at 13 when he posted his LEGO gun video  online. For $25 the 350+ page book comes with part listings and complete instructions on how to build your very own LEGO arsenal.

A closer look at two guns from the LEGO Heavy Weapons book after the Jump…



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