3 May
Projects, posters & history of illustrated information by Taschen

How do you best grasp obtuse concepts? With a constant influx of information, prose becomes tedious, PowerPoint is mundane, lectures are too easy to tune out; but the information graphic seems to maintain focus from even the shortest of attention spans. Author of Information Graphics Sandra Rendgen has concluded that visuals are the only way to clearly communicate info and ideas. Through 480 pages, Rendgen takes an in-depth look at how illustrated information has changed the way we organize, design, and communicate data. Information Graphics showcases 200 projects and over 400 examples of contemporary works complete with a fact sheet and explanation of methods and objectives. Featured in the first half of the Taschen published book are 4 essays from design professors and professionals who examine the origins of information graphics: cave-paintings. Additionally, you’ll receive an exclusive poster by TIMES editor Nigel Holmes who changed the way the magazine implemented these very same information graphics. Purchase the history, essays and examples of information graphics for $70. Get a glimpse of the essays and graphics in the Gallery below.

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