23 May
Canadian artist Dale Dunning's frozen alloy visages

Canadian artist Dale Dunning welds metal type and steel hardware to create labyrinthine masks and heads. Trapped underneath layers of rigid bolts and washers, Dunning uses “the head as a container to suggest what’s percolating underneath.” His sculptures of visage are indeed vague and skeletal. They evoke the victims of Pompei or beach fossils or 3D digital sculpting in its preliminary stages. Dunning’s heads relate to humans generically; they are genderless and featureless and infer the universality of life, death and the important yet difficult process of communication. His metalwork communicates through texture like bark betrays the inner life of a tree. His work is currently on display at the Oeno Gallery of Prince Edward County in Ontario — get in touch with the gallery to find out more information about collecting Dunning’s work.

via Colossal

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