16 May
Ryan Staake directed video for Clown & Sunset Aesthetics

DARKSIDE is the moniker of the collaboration between Chilean/American techno producer Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington. The duo’s first eponymous EP came out last fall on Jaar’s own Clown & Sunset label, and are prepping for a longplay album coming soon. To keep eager fans sated, Clown & Sunset Aesthetics released a new video for their “A1 track” directed by Ryan Staake. Can’t say I understand it, but I dig the desert “Sand People” vibe:

“The video began with the idea of Nico and I wanting to explore South Western landscapes. The imagery of the American South West has been a shared interest of Nico and I’s since we first met, its beauty and the vastness of this space, and how humans relate to it captured the imagination of us both. The phases of the moon are used as a narrative device to show passing of time, specifically implying a narrowing window of opportunity for the characters to achieve their goal.”

 DARKSIDE’s esoteric “A1 track” Video below…

DARKSIDE – A1 from CSA on Vimeo.

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