Ask most girls what they would like to do best on a Sunday afternoon and I guarantee you’ll hear many say they’d like to hit Barney’s, NOT check out the East Side Moto Babes (ESMB) — a team of four female moto riders and enthusiasts who are serious racers of vintage motorcycles. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they also like to dress nicely and go shopping but I kind of get the feeling these pretty ladies prefer to be tearing up West Coast roads on any given Sunday. Morning rides will often take place in the Angeles Forest or Malibu Canyon with other LA Eastside clubs such as The SoCal Norton Club, The Hell Fire Canyon Club and Pasadena Motorcycle Club.

Recently I caught up with Stacie London, one of the most bad ass women I’ve yet to meet. Stacie is an ESMB founding member who by day is a mild mannered Exhibition Designer at MOCA (The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles), but in her spare time is the organizer of rides and the racer of “Triple Nickel 555” — a fully restored 1968 Honda CB160. I figured the best way to get to know more about Stacie was to see her pour her passion in full effect so this past Sunday I packed sun block, a hat and my Canon G10 and headed out to watch her race at the Corsa Motoclassica 2012. The Corsa Motoclassica is a formidable vintage bike enthusiasts yearly event organized by Garage Company and the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA) featuring classic motorcycles, racing, shows and a swap. It was started in 1995 and is held at the historic Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosemond, CA.

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By the time I reached the track a race was already in full swing and the hum of approximately 15 to 20 beautiful cafe racers were zipping around this windy, slightly inclined track. When the race ends, I went in search of Stacie but got sidetracked when I meet up with Ralph Hudson of Ironwood Racing. Ralph — a three year racing veteran — helped rebuild “Triple Nickel 555”. Later Stacie would go on to tell me that Ralph, being the ultimate gentlemen racer, showed true comrade spirit by “slowing down long enough to allow me to follow his lines for a few laps.”

A couple of beers later as sweat beads form under my sun hat, I snap away frantically to finally get a few action shots of Stacie as she whizzes by the stands. Now it’s off to track her down amongst the pitched shade tents and array of sidetracking with all the splendid, well-tuned vintage machines. Stacie graciously stops what she is doing to introduce her team members which include two ESMB’s, two mechanics, her trainer, dog and last but most importantly her bike. As a rider myself of a 1966 CB 160 street version, I stand in awe of this shiny chromed out 1968 Honda CB160 racer. At a push I can get mine up to 55 – 60 on an open road, and I’m guessing this machine can reach speeds north of 100mph.

Summing up my day, for one I recommend that any Sunday warrior check out some of the many local California-based rides and events — see the links after the Jump. Two, I’m thinking I may need a few racing lessons… TBC… Ride safe.

IRON AND RESIN & Ventura Raceway’s The Hooligan Derby   May 12th

Hell on Wheels  Racer Ralley  June 16th

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Stacie London’s fully restored 1968 Honda CB160 “Triple Nickel 555” below…

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