21 May
Limited edition run of only 300 of Dutch artist's toys

Dutch artist Parra has collaborated with Kidrobot to bring his 2-D painting to the next dimension for a limited edition of 300 pieces titled “Pierced”. Like his Parra vs. Toykyo “Fly New Coffee Table”, Parra’s paintings seem to manifest well into the 3-D world. Originally a silkscreen painting, the “Pierced” figure will stand 10″ tall depicting two vinyl brightly colored, full-bodied figures in a sexually-charged stance… or is it? Given that there’s no predetermined “front” or “back” of the piece, viewers are able to examine the relationship between the two red, white and blue characters from all sides. “Pierced” will be available for purchase June 7th through Kidrobot and in select stores for $150. Look through the gallery for a 360 degree look at the “Pierced” vinyl figure and create your own narrative for the relationship.

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