11 May
16 of the best live performances in tribute the late Adam Yauch

Art & culture site BOOOOOOOM! assembled this mixtape of live Beastie Boys performances in tribute to the late great MCA. Unlike a lot of tribute mixtapes surfacing, this is all live performances which makes it well worth popping in your soundsystem — as anyone who’s seen the Beasties perform, they were ne plus ultra. As BOOOOOOOM! explains:

“I put this mix together from some of some of my favourite live performances by Beastie Boys. I wanted to include ‘Somethings Got to Give’ specifically because MCA used to always preface it by talking about non-violence so when I think of him I think of this song. Turn this up LOUD, and put two fingers in the air for MCA…”

Check out the R.I.P. MCA: “Best Of Beastie Boys Live” mixtape below, and hit the Jump for full tracklisting…

Full Tracklist for R.I.P. MCA: “Best Of Beastie Boys Live” Mixtape:

Rhyming and Stealing – GLASTONBURY 94
Fluteloop – SYDNEY AUS 99
Shake Your Rump – READING 98
Slow and Low – ROSKILDE 98
High Plains Drifter – LORELEY GERMANY 98
Get It Together – BRASS MONKS SAN FRAN 96
Alright, Hear This – GLASTONBURY 94
So Watcha Want – READING 98
Skills To Pay The Bills – WEMBLEY LONDON 99
It’s The New Style – LORELEY GERMANY 98
Time To Get Ill – READING 98
Intergalactic – SYDNEY AUS 99
Three MC’s and One DJ – LORELEY GERMANY 98
Somethings Got to Give – SYDNEY AUS 99
Sabotage – GLASTONBURY 94

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