23 May
Producer Quinton Sung gives 2 classic albums a Nintendo do-over

Ever wondered what Radiohead’s timeless albums OK Computer and Kid A would sound like if reworked in 8-bit format? If so, today’s your lucky day. Producer Quinton Sung took it upon himself to make your dreams come true. It seems as though Quinton has done several single track 8-bit remixes, but these complete albums are by far his largest work total works to date. Listen and download specific tracks (links within the each YouTube video), or download the album in full below each video.

“OK Computer” 8-bit rework below, “Kid A” 8-bit rework & tracklist after the Jump

Download OK Computer 8-bit rework

OK Computer Track listing:
0:00 – Airbag
4:36 – Paranoid Android
10:49 – Subterranean Homesick Alien
15:10 – Exit Music (For A Film)
19:46 – Let Down
24:28 – Karma Police
28:50 – Fitter Happier (Yes, this was a joke).
30:49 – Electioneering
34:42 – Climbing Up the Walls
38:40 – No Surprises
42:33 – Lucky
46:56 – The Tourist

Download Kid A
Track listing:
0:00 – Everything in its Right Place
4:15 – Kid A
8:44 – The National Anthem
14:20 – How to Disappear Completely
20:06 – Treefingers
23:27 – Optimistic
28:06 – In Limbo
31:10 – Idioteque
36:25 – Morning Bell
41:18 – Motion Picture Soundtrack

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