25 May
The French marque resurrects its Alpine Berlinette of the 1960s

Renault has finally unveiled the official images of the much whispered Alpine A110-50 Concept, a car which draws from the French marque’s famed Alpine Berlinette rally car of the 1960s. The Alpine A110-50 Concept stays true to its original with design cues like the half-domed headlamps and Alpine Blue livery, while updating its performance with modern accoutrements such as a full carbon fiber body, massive split-wing rear spoiler, scissor doors, LED lighting, 3D rear window, powerful diffuser and Formula One-style transmission. The supercar concept is built upon the Renault Megan Trophy platform, ostensibly using its mid-mounted 3.5-liter V6 to generate around 400 horsepower. As it is a concept still, no word yet on performance figures or price, but there’s very little reason why this Alpine A110-50 cannot — and should not — progress quickly to production status.

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