24 May
Latest one-off music from UK producer/DJ Aaron Jerome

This track was left simply with the message: “back in the studio. working towards eps/ album/ etc…. something new – no plan for it – just thought id share” on producer SBTRKT’s soundcloud. Good to know he’s back at it, although I’ll definitely be digging into his brilliant self-titled for a little while longer. “Gamelena” eases you in with reverse hi hats and high pitched glitches, and then hits you with some solid 808 drum samples. There may be a few bird chirp vox samples in here too giving the track a bit of a tropic feel, or they’re really well mimicked keyboards. Either way, the track is much more minimal than what we were hearing on the previous LP from the London producer/DJ otherwise known as Aaron Jerome — no lyrics or many layers. Doesn’t mean we’re not looking forward to what we’ll hear next, whether it be EP, LP, or whatever “etc.” may be. And if you need to hear more, don’t forget to download SBTRKT’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, you won’t regret it…

SBTRKT – gamelena by sbtrkt

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