Skate it or Hang it? That is the question nearly every man who skates has had when confronted with the beauty of a truly well designed new deck. Of course 99% of the time one opts for the former, but every so often we’re so enamored by a particular pristine graphic (such as Doodah’s Supermodel Deck Project, 1970s Pin-Up Girl Skateboards or even the recent Creeps Series) that the mere idea of scuffing their beautiful form seems sacrilege (rumor has it that Madman Mundt has quite the collection of mid 90’s Hook-Ups decks). Opening June 16th, visitors of the Museum of Design Atlanta can survey the history of art in skateboarding, a sport that has dominated street and youth culture since the 70’s… and then wince in pain as they realize the value of all the decks they’ve grinded, snapped and shattered in the past. Skate it or Hang it?! pays particular attention to skateboard graphics, while aspects of skateboard art styles and methods of embellishing decks will be examined as well. Throughout the months the exhibit is open there will be several interviews (VCJ and Jim Phillips, along with personal appearances and art by Sean Cliver, Andy Howell, Wes Humpston, Lance Mountain, Michael Sieben, and Steve Olson), demonstrations of how decks are designed and fabricated and an activity in which children are invited to design their own skate deck. There will even be a 9 ft. interactive skateboard sticker exhibition, as we all know stickers and skateboarding go together like music and videos. Watch the clip below to get more information about Skate it or Hang it?!, open until September 16th.

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    Excellent article sir.

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  3. Is the for real? I love your skateboard decks. Is that an epic decks? Do u design longboards too?

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