30 May
Artist Jeff Gaudinet's skateboard ode to the timeless supermodel

As artist Jeff Gaudinet explains: “This thing started by accident, mispronouncing “Skate Moss” (while talking about both skateboard & Kate Moss with my friend Oniram). So I decided to create this useless / pointless platform…” The platform being taking images of the timeless supermodel and printing them on skateboards. Pretty simple, but endlessly opportunistic given the nearly insatiable public desire for the British bad girl. Recent campaigns with Supreme, plus corresponding street marketing efforts, only underscore how popular Miss Kate Moss remains in the common consciousness. The best part? If you’ve got a good idea/image for your own Skate Moss skateboard deck, submit your own concept on Gaudinet’s website under the “Participate ” section. Who knows, maybe the next design made is yours…

A couple super large “Skate Moss” Skateboard Decks after the Jump…

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