15 May
Matte black, stainless steel & sure to light up your favorite green

So you’re going to be a demi-god at the next rave amongst all the sixteen year olds in hot panties and go-go boots when you pull out the Stealthvape. It’s matte black, mistakeable for a limited edition Vicks Vapor Inhaler, under 4″ long and sure to steal a discrete hit while illuminating the butterfly-winged multitudes and eliminating the most toxic byproducts of your desired inhalation. For $100 the stainless steal health-conscious gadget works with a single rechargeable Ni-MH AA battery (included), good enough catapult your favorite leafy green to the vaporizing temperature of 482 degrees Fahrenheit in seconds — the perfect temp to percolate the THC without inhaling all the burnt stemmy residue. After all, it’s 4:20 somewhere on Earth.

One more look at the Stealthvape Discrete Mobile Vaporizer after the Jump…

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