Add the Motion Simulator company to Ariel, makers of one of the world’s most blisteringly quick custom build cars, and what do you get?  Howsabout the TL1 — for $18,400 (£11 500), it’s possibly the gamer’s ultimate boner dream. Entertaining a 180-degree spherical projector screen and variable driving position cockpit, the TL1 is the ultimate in racetrack simulation. The transmogrifying seating system can even reorganize itself from the more traditional Touring and GT car positions into the extreme seating angles of a Glider or Formula 1 car. The TL1 is equipped with laser-scanned racing circuits, a full wrap-around screen featuring three synchronized high-grade HD projectors, and highly researched and professional controls — making it ideal not just for racing games, but also totally immersive for flight simulators and first-person action shooters. Did you hear that? It’s the sound of every unbathed video game junkie and flight simulator geek on Earth experiencing an orgasm for the very first time. You’re welcome, nerdlings.

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  1. John Matchett says:

    Please email contact and address details for TLI projection module. I am keen to have further info.

    Many thanks


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