15 May
Vans Slip-on makes a comeback in original colors & materials

Just months after it’s opening in 1966, Vans introduced their model #44 shoe that we’ve come to know and recognize as the ‘Slip-on’. Skateboarders, surfers and BMX bikers alike all took to the slip-on for its comfort and utility. Decades later, the Vans Slip-on continues to be one of the most shamelessly copied styles when it comes to its design. To commemorate its notoriety, Vans is re-issuing the Slip-ons for Spring / Summer 2012 through their Vans Vault project in their original colors (all four), materials and details for the first time — underscored by small touches such as the Vans logo in blue instead of red. Check out more of their original styles, designs, and inspirations in the Vans Vault.

via FreshNGood

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