Accomplished French street artist JR has traveled around the globe making making his mark in countries such as Kenya, Liberia, Sudan, India, and Cambodia just to name a few. After seeing the hardships and injustices women face daily, he decided to capture and “take their stories around the world”. Using his iconic mural-size posters, he pasted them on tops of buildings, trains and bridges. The object in the murals are the haunting and hopeful eyes of the women he’d encountered while traveling, serving as a reminder to society that their social conflicts and political decisions affect real people. Included in the 375 page ABRAMS published book are original pictures and interviews of the women JR met — purchase it here for $40. Take a look at the mural-pasting process, as well as a glimpse into the lives represented in the book in the Gallery below, and watch JR’s TED Talk where he discusses how we can use art to turn the world inside out.

via Juxtapoz

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