7 May
It's a Trip, it's gotta funky beat, and you can bug out to it

We posted this mixtape almost exactly a year ago to the day when it originally came out, but it seems a great opportunity for a re-post. The always amazing Z-Trip drops a megamix for the Beastie Boys, which is not only as cool a sentence as you’ll read this week but also a great way to pay tribute to the fallen Beastie, Adam Yauch. Go here to download either the All-Access A Beastie Boys Megamix original or a clean mix instead if that’s your bag. “I was stoked and humbled when asked to do this mix,” writes Z-Trip. “I’ve been a fan of The Beasties since I first heard Mr. Magic interview them on WBLS in NY. I included some of my favorites as well as stuff off the new album. All remixed… It’s a Trip, it’s gotta funky beat, and you can bug out to it.” Give it a listen, special highlight being the mashup with Helmet’s “Meantime”. So good. Stream the All-Access A Beastie Boys Megamix below and download it at your convenience…

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