Since 1963, Alpinestars has provided the racing world with high-performance apparel, technical footwear and sportswear. Their newest suit, designed by London-based designer Death Spray Custom (AKA David Gwyther), fuses art, design, technology and racing into one sleek, somewhat humorous package. We’ve seen Gwyther ‘s work before with his Davida “Brain Box” helmet and Nitto Love/Hate Handlebars, and he elaborates on why Alpinestars was the best partner for the project: “I guess the conflict of protection and the human body is never more apparent than in motorcycles and motor sport. Obviously Alpinestars understands that dichotomy more than anyone. Combining that knowledge with their technical and creative expertise made for a unique and compelling project.” The Anatomy Suit features bovine and kangaroo leathers, which were carefully selected to mimic actual human anatomy. A red (as opposed to black) mesh liner was selected to further emphasize the anatomy theme. The suit debuted this past weekend at the Southsiders MC “Wheels and Waves” event in Biarritz, France. Click through the Gallery to see more of what your insides, and the suit, look like.

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