7 Jun
Archived photos of icons from the 1970s & 80s in their prime

Whether you’re a die-hard Andy Warhol aficionado, or simply a casual fan of his Campbells Soup and Marilyn Monroe pop art, you can probably appreciate his Polaroid shots of artists and celebrities — especially when the photos are from icons of the 70’s and 80’s. Warhol decided to snap a few Polaroids of his limitless artist, designer, athlete and musician friends, kind of like the reams of photos Terry Richardson takes except everyone has their clothes on… except for Arnold Schwarzenegger of course, that guy can’t keep his clothes on (if you haven’t seen the promotional video of Arnold sexually harassing his way through Brazil, you’re seriously missing out). Click through the Gallery below to check out more Polaroids of celebrities like Basquiat, Sylvester Stallone, Grace Jones, Liza Minelli, OJ Simpson, Wayne Gretzky, Diana Ross and more…

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