21 Jun
More trap tunes from your Mad Decent's Jeffrees sub-label

You know Trap music is hitting a certain tipping point when NPR is addressing it, but we ain’t hating (besides, we love NPR). Capitalizing on the minimal awesome bassiness of the sound is enigmatic producer UZ, who prefers if very little is known about him — he’d rather speak through his tunes than his words. “Trap music is the street music from [the] Southern states of America, stemming from the ‘Trap’ or drug market,” UZ explains. “It’s evolved to use a few specific samples & drum machines (Roland TR808) in the production.” With a heavy emphasis on complex rhythms and deep tones dominating the soundscape, Trap succeeds in its skeletal simplicity. This EP, which Diplo’s Jeffrees label has asembled, features UZ’s first couple releases (“Trap Shit” 6 & 7) and adding a couple new digs too. Stream UZ’s aptly named Trap Shit EP below, or Download the whole thing via Mediafire.

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