1 Jun
How to best respond to allegations that you're partying too much

Have you seen how all the tabloids have taken to piling on Rihanna lately for partying too much? A couple years ago she was the snow pure victim of abuse, and now she’s an out of control John Belushi-like tornado of coke & booze. You just can’t win. Wait a second — yes you can. All you gotta do is some photo shoots with guys like Terry Richardson and Matt Irwin, wear some translucent Supreme shirts or go topless on the July cover of Esquire and remind everyone that you don’t give a fuck. Cheers, I’ll Drink to That

*If you want more, check out Esquire’s behind-the-scenes video here

One Response to “Because We Love You, vol 67: Rihanna x Esquire x Supreme x Terry Richardson”

  1. BIG says:

    Some of those photos are fake, it’s Lady Gaga’s body from another Terry Richardson photoshoot.

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