8 Jun
Collaborations with NYC's Louisahhh & France's Club Cheval

For Bromance Records’ 3rd release, founder Brodinski features fellow French electronic group Club Cheval (comprised of Canblaster, Sam Tiba, Myd and Panteros666) with an epic 90’s breakbeat A-Side track “Now U Realize”, sounding like it belongs in a Ronin-like car chase. Maybe they’ll use that idea for a music video? The B-Side features the collaborative track with Brodinski and Los Angeles via New York producer Louisahhh (female producer at that, can I get a “hell yeah!”?), an intimidating bounce track titled “Nobody Rules the Streets”. This is the second Bromance record Louisahhh has been featured on (See: Bromance EP #2 “LetTheBeatControlYourBody”). Listen to both tracks below and pick up the record June 11th via Bromance Records’ online store . You can also catch Brodinski live in Los Angeles this summer at HARD Summer.

Bromance Records’ Brodinski “EP3” tracks below…

Club Cheval – Now U Realize by BromanceRecords
Brodinski (feat. Louisahhh!!!) – Nobody Rules The Streets by BromanceRecords

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