As far as skateboarders go, you just don’t get more Rock Star than Christian Hosoi. The man was/is a legend, dwarfing all other 80s skaters with the possible exception of Tony Alva. But of course, there was a life beyond the Thrasher covers; we watch celebrities rise and fall constantly and at times, consistently. We see how it hinders their life physically and emotionally, but what happens to the celebrities who depend on having an extremely clean bill of health to continue to do their work? Hosoi has written a tell-all autobiography aptly titled Hosoi: My Life as a Skateboarder, Junkie, Inmate & Pastor, giving readers an inside look at his rise to global fame, his addiction to that very fame, money, and eventually drugs, which then landed him in jail where he picked up a bible for the first time and found redemption. Watch the video below for more information on the lifestyle Hosoi was surrounded by, and how he overcame it for the greater good of his own life, as well as helping others who need hope. Available for purchase via ebook.

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  1. […] Hosoi sure seems to be exorcising a lot of demons lately, first and foremost with his My Life as a Skateboarder, Junkie, Inmate & Pastor book. I guess he wants all the kids to learn from his past mistakes, which must be the motivation for […]

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