5 Jun
Mark Landwehr's latest stunning vinyl sculpture-meets-toy

Coarsetoys’ latest vinyl playmate offers a beautiful vision if you’re into blood and glowing fluid molecular poetry. At 27’’ x 14’‘ x 7.4’’ he’s much more imposing than your average vinyl figure, but there’s still no hope for the “rise of pain in dreams.” Suspended in the state of not quite not-breathing until like, the aliens come long after the extinction of human beings, he is sculpted to his death bed. This vinyl recreation of Coarsetoys’ founder Mark Landwehr’s original much larger sculpture will be available on June 12 for about $760 ($5,880 HKD). Handcrafted from his bandages to his blood puddle, the painstaking perfection over at Coarsetoys in Hong Kong is apparent. If you’re curious about his creations and work process, read an interview with Landwehr here.

More photos of Coarsetoys “Rise of Pain In Dreams” Vinyl Toy after the Jump…



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