27 Jun
Latest 2-wheeler from Australian builder's Sydney workshop

Australian custom motorcycle builders Deus (or Deus Ex Machina) are rolling out a new bike called “Gicleur” from their Sydney workshop. In French, “gicleur” means “jet”, a nod to the nozzle on an espresso machine that governs the water flow — and this bike’s not letting anything sloppy pass it. Built from the frame of a Kawasaki W650, the Gicleur’s donor W650 has been “given a double shot of top shelf components” which include a custom performance exhaust, one off Tingate clip-on bars, and a custom battery box. The battery is now hidden under the swingarm mount, giving a more agile and clean look to the bike. Adding to the slenderness of the motorcycle are the blacked-out mechanicals with a classic cream brown and white paint job, perhaps another ode to its coffee roots. Dig through the Gallery for close-ups of Deus Ex Machina’s Gicleur.

via BIKEexif

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