12 Jun
Revisit your Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

The Wu- Tang Clan’s the Genius — aka GZA — is reissuing the essential Liquid Swords album in a deluxe double box set. Between Wu’s legendary debut Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) and the followup Forever, RZA helmed the first wave of Wu Tang solo albums, each a verifiable classic in its own right. But most Wu fans know that  Liquid Swords is the unsung master of those records — a 5 mic classic that can never be duplicated (has there ever been a hip hop track harder than “4th Chamber”?). This reissue boxset does its best to treat the iconic album with proper respect — the 2xCD box set comes with a remastered version of the original and an instrumental-only rendition ideal for mixing and freestyle battling. Boston Phoenix reporter Chris Faraone contributes a 20 page book to the box set which includes an interview with GZA and original album and singles art, plus an actual chess set so you can think first, before you move. The instrumental version of Liquid Swords will be released individually in a double vinyl package with a silk screen jacket. All praise Get On Down for being responsible for this July 24th release.

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