12 Jun
It blows up in less than a minute... so you won't have to

We’d be lying if we said pitching a tent was a easy task: the poles are pesky and non complacent, you have to step all over the tent to secure it to said poles, and by the time it’s up (an hour later) you despise the whole thing. To cure these ills, Heimplanet has created an inflatable tent, called “Cave”, which inflates and sets up in less than a minute. Inspired by the crystalline structure of a diamond, the Cave tent provides enough square footage to seat six people and sleep three adults. The tent is inflated through five air chambers that are sure to maintain its shape and structure so you’re not waking up in a heap of nylon. Heimplanet’s Cave is available for $620.

Heimplanet – The Cave from heimplanet on Vimeo.

via Gear Patrol

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