27 Jun
Vegetable tanned leather, antique nickel & steel hardware

You’re bound for some sort of adventure this summer, why not tote a duffle named after one of the more red blooded, adventurous, life lusting and literary souls of the 20th Century? Brought to you by Eugene, Oregon-based Will Leather Goods the Hemingway duffle is sure to uphold tests of durability (excessive travel, excessive items, and of course excessive ruggedness) as it’s made from vegetable tanned leather, antique nickel and steel molded hardware. Along with extra rivets, box stitching and leather corner reinforcement, the 18oz bag ensures durability and longevity as you embark around a land that’s your moveable feast. The Hemingway Duffle is available in Tobacco (above), Black and Indigo for only $350.

More looks at the Will Leather Goods “Hemingway” Duffle after the Jump…

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