OK, it’s Friday June 15th so you know what that means — we’re getting our tuxes ready for Jim Mahfood’s  L.A. Ink Stains vol. 1 Prom/Book Release Party over at Titmouse Animation Studios. You know we’re big fans of Mahfood’s L.A. inspired illustrations, and can’t wait to get our hands on his L.A. Ink Stains book, so we’ll be there getting dizzy at the dance party (beats supplied by DJ Mahf and DJ Expo). If you need extra instructions, read the handy guide above. Either way, be there or wish you were there, it’ll be a raucous good time…

Prom/Release party June 16,2012
Titmouse Animation Studio
1121 Seward St.Hollywood, CA 90038
Purchase tickets here.

LA INK STAINS BOOK RELEASE/PARTY PROMO #6 from the Indie Workforce on Vimeo.

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