19 Jun
Scottish producer's debut EP out on Mad Decent's Jeffree sub-label

Scotland’s Lockah on Diplo’s Jeffrees Mad Decent sub-label fucks with the beat (mainly New Orleans Bounce and Trap music); his debut EP When U Stop Feeling Like a Weirdo & Become a Threat is in line for a post-dubstep take-over. Hailing from Aberdeen, Scotland (think cheap beer…) Lockah is part of the Tuff Wax scene responsible for artists like Yoin and Bones & Money. When You Stop Feeling  has both kick and melody; it ain’t electronic dance music. It’s more like how you might wrap around a victory lap or how you might say, “welcome back.” Immaculately produced, the music is: escargot, beats that sound concave, Ratatat and 8-bit merriment. As far as image goes Lockah must be weird and cute. In his photographs he is hugging oversized stuffed animal ducks and wearing colorfully brimmed hats and hanging filmy pieces of paper out of his mouth. His music is sensitive — the hidden melodies in his repetitive lighthouse-in-outer-space modular synths are celestial tones that recall Lord Byron: “So we’ll go no more a-roving/So late into the night,/Though the heart be still as loving,/And the moon be still as bright./” It might even be related to trance… without the trance, of course. The builds are  like gulps of air that lift you off the ground as opposed to the recent trend of bombs over Bagdad dropping. Of the 4-track EP, “The Sour Drink From the Ocean” is the most remarkable, although there is also a Pictureplane Dark Sea Remix of it to switch it up. Stream the EP for free below, although the official date of release is June 25.

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