26 Jun
Utterly modern Dutch bicycles with antique genealogy

Holland’s Moosach Bikes is pimping out vintage frames for the creation of a brand that fuses retro, recycling and modern bike technology. At a rate of only twelve bikes per year, Moosach is like reproduction for bicycles: each bike has its own genealogy, that of a refurbished road-style bike frame from the 70s, 80s or 90s reanimated with new parts from top bike accessory manufacturers like Brooks. The refurbished frame incorporates the original company name alongside the newly branded Moosach — for example The Silver Surfer pictured below. Moosach found this early ’80s Alan frame helpless and abandoned in a backyard somewhere in the Netherlands, disfigured with red triathlon handlebars. Now it’s available with updated and brand new parts, the original frame working like new again for around $3000 (€1777). Moosach also makes custom bikes for order if you have an old frame you would like to update.

Check out more Moosach Bike models after the Jump…

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