Notorious London nightclub and electronic label Ministry of Sound is taking their current project back to their roots by creating flawless acoustic sound systems, and have teamed up with Nissan to create the world’s most powerful sound system on the road. The idea for the sound system was inspired by a room at MoS, The Box Room. The Box is “a 5-sided room within a room that was acoustically perfect,” which to this day is still considered one of the best sound systems in the world. Taking “The Box” idea and translating it Nissan’s quirky Juke crossover allows for a similar set up, dubbed the “Juke Box”, which maximizes the car’s prime acoustics. The concept vehicle is comprised of a 19-kilowatt system with two 18-inch subwoofers that can generate an ear melting 150 dB of pure sound — which is louder than a Boeing 747 during take-off. The car will also come with an integrated radio studio to broadcast music via the Ministry of Sound’s digital radio app. The Juke Box will be on a 6 month European tour, starting with the recently completed 24 Hours of Le Mans. Click through the Gallery for a look at the Nissan Juke’s sporty interior, and details of the speakers too.

Hit the Jump for a “Behind the Scenes” video look at the Juke Box…

via Autoblog

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