22 Jun
Circassian designer Kasim Tlibekov brutal ode to American muscle

Don’t ever really like to get too crazy with the pie-in-the-sky concepts, unless it’s really something truly exceptional. Such is the case with this menacing vaporware concept by Circassian designer Kasim Tlibekov. It helps that he’s chosen to put his talents on the Pontiac Firebird, one of America’s muscle cars of the highest order — a vehicle that holds a place dear in my heart. Few cars light the adolescent fire in my loins as that of the 70’s Trans-Am, a phoenix-hooded monster immortalized in both Smokey & the Bandit films. Taking what is clearly the fifth-gen Camaro’s chassis as a basis (which makes sense, as GM basically built the Firebird and Camaro as twins throughout their lifespans), Tlibekov’s Firebird TT Black Edition’s wide body monstrosity looks like it belongs in an old Stephen King book running down hitchhikers on a deserted highway. It’s a damn shame that GM decided to bury the Pontiac brand during its recent nadir, as the vaunted performance brand was home to some of the General’s most famous and enduring vehicles. Still, the Firebird TT Black Edition’s front splitter, giant spoiler, aggressive rear diffuser and side exit exhausts — which are beautifully tucked away into the sideskirts — sure does reflect the spirit of the dead bloodline.

More looks at the Pontiac ferocious Firebird TT Black Edition Concept after the Jump…

2 Responses to “Pontiac Firebird TT Black Edition Concept”

  1. Jus says:

    Personally I wouldnt mind seeing a return of the firebird eventhough pontiac is no longer.

  2. Vinny says:

    I would also like to see the return of the Firebird. But there are a few things I don’t like about this model, such as the spoiler. The way it’s Designed jut doesn’t belong. It’s to long for the car personly. It just lookes like something that will be easily knocked of by another car. If anything shorten it and tilt it up more so its not so out there persay. The other thig is the rear Deffuser. It looks another thing that would just get Banged up and damaged from entring parking lots. But these are just my opinions. But I would be glad to see that car on the road again but I don’t think that will happen sadly since the company’s gone under.

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