7 Jun
The Pursuit of Vengeance lifted to an immaculate art form...

Is there anybody — and I mean anybody — on this God’s green Earth that better manifests a Pursuit of Vengeance flick better than the great Quentin Tarantino? Unleashing a slave seeking revenge, and freedom, on a bunch of plantation owners seems like such a Tarantino no-brainer that in hindsight it’s shocking he hasn’t done it before (after all, we did already get to see persecuted Jews exact revenge on Nazis in QT’s last masterpiece, Inglourious Basterds). The film stars Jamie Foxx as the titular Django and Leonardo DiCaprio as the evil plantation owner — who’s probably relishing in the opportunity to play the bad guy for once. Django also features Christoph Waltz, Sacha Baron Cohen, RZA, Kurt Russell, Kevin Costner and more. Look out for it later this year…

Django Unchained – Trailer / Bande-Annonce [VO|HD] by Lyricis

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