25 Jun
Max Tannone's latest cross genetic mashup creation

Mash-ups are fun pretty much no matter what. This rap-punk mash-up is no exception. Mixing the messages of rap — and the parties — with the parties — and message — of Punk, Max Tannone releases his newest genre animorphing, Mic Check 1234. Tannone, formerly known as Minty Fresh Beats, really understands the mash-up. “I chop up the original song into short pieces so I can re-arrange it, and from here I build the track around the vocals,” Tannone explains of his process. “Once the skeleton is completed, I began adding drums, FX, other instruments, edit the vocals, etc.” These mash-ups are made of real powerful driving punk drums and guitar licks and the rap blanket gives his songs a strong club vibe. The standout tracks are “Bring the Bars” — a Public Enemy and Black Flag mash, which sounds like Prodigy if Prodigy was still young in this post-dub-step era. “Definition of Blitzkrieg” is post-punk from So-Cal, even though it’s from Brooklyn (and Queens…) (It’s a Black Star/Ramones mash – I mean duh.. and Tannone is Brooklyn-based.) Surf rock comma nascar comma philosophy comes along in the hyper Lupe Fiasco/Damned Mash, “Wolves I Never Said”. And summing up is “Talk to the Kids” which mixes The Adolescent’s indie with Nas’s message to the public. Stream Mic Check 1234 below.

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