28 Jun
A blast from the past... for your DOS boner

I can’t say that I remember seeing ASCII Porn (aka “pr0n”) in its first stages of development and circulation; but I have come across it as a pivotal type of art/porn/computer-nerd phenomenon and landmark of sorts. ASCII pr0n is comprised of letters, numbers and symbols that, as a whole, make up a larger picture: ass n’ titties. ASCII pr0n allowed computer engineers and programmers as far back as the 1960s to dabble in the arts (?) and achieve a raging boner for hours. Remember, these are nerds we’re talking about, and nerds from the 8-Track days, nonetheless. Some of the ASCII pr0n creations are standard; we could — and probably have — created them with our iPhone texts, while others are alarmingly life-like. It’s like the cave paintings of the internet. So hit the Jump to click through the Gallery of proto-nerd-porn, young explorer… we have to stash them away because they are so NSFW. Thanks, Vice.

Hit the Jump to click through the (sort of) NSFW gallery of ASCII P0rn…

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