21 Jun
See what you might've been smoking in the Fin de siècle

Say you like to roll your own spliffs, but you’re sort of a geek for the vintage look. If you want to take a gander to see what you might’ve been smoking with in the Jazz Age there’s now a vintage rolling papers gallery available to view online. Many of the packages feature interesting and playful images like this one above of a newborn baby smoking. Which probably wasn’t even that much of  stretch — people were probably master-rollers, and the papers provided fun for kids too… you know, after they came home from a long day of working at the factory or sweeping chimneys or something. Cigpapers is a non-commercial catalog of these collector’s items that include all the basic information such as source, brand, and date and country of manufacture. Specializing in papers between 1850-1950, Cigpapers also has links to other collectors’ homepages and more information on how to go about obtaining the rolling papers. Roll one up and enjoy…


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