11 Jul
Taschen's 2 volume set captures 100 intricate & enticing interiors

TASCHEN has taken it upon themselves the horrible chore of traveling around the world — North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia — to photograph 100 home interiors representing a variety of contemporary styles for this TASCHEN 25 Edition 100 Interiors Around the World book. Interior decorations give a dwelling and its inhabitants character, one portrayed through rustic minimalist furniture to eclectic urban pieces of art to retro paint colorways. Despite being a large scale project, spanning 720 pages over 2 volumes and including interiors from homes in Argentina, China, Cuba, France, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Morocco, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and USA, the need for individual expression through detail unites both volumes. The books offer inspiration to those who may be looking for a new interior look — from era-themed lighting to pop art adored walls — and can be picked up directly from Taschen for $60. Click through the Gallery to get a bit of inspiration for yourself, and a preview of the interiors to be found throughout the two volume 100 Interiors Around the World hardcover book collection.

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