5 Jul
The G Unit frontman returns, but does anyone give a shit...?

Let’s face it, 50 Cent has fallen off harder than fat people in slow motion. But every once in awhile, something new comes out and you hope it’ll have a song 1/4th as good as anything off Get Rich Or Die Trying (yeah right). Well now 50 put out a free mixtape of his latest music — a collection of songs that was supposed to be his 5th and final installment for Interscope. Only with the label he’s made million$ for balking on putting it out, the G Unit frontman decided to drop it himself as a mixtape. So here’s 5 (Murder By Numbers) — stream it below and download at will — maybe, just maybe it’ll have some heat on it, but we’re not holding our breathe…

Tracklist for 50 Cent’s “5 (Murder By Numbers)” Mixtape after the Jump…

1. My Crown
2. NY
3. United Nations
4. Business Mind
5. Roll The Shit
6. Leave The Lights On
7. Money Test
8. Definition Of Sexy
9. Be My Bitch
10. Can I Speak To You

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