23 Jul
Ramin Bahrani's slow motion Valtari Mystery Film Experiment

What makes slow-motion video so interesting is how it allows viewers to see finer, more intricate details of every image and frame. American director and screenwriter Ramin Bahrani understands this completely, and has given these slow motion images the perfect soundtrack, Sigur Rós’ “Ég anda”, a song that sounds like it itself is in slow motion. “Ég anda” remains very still and steady in sound, allowing the listener to explore each note change and vocal introduction presented in a controlled, calming manner. The images paired with “Ég anda” vary from a monkey to turtle to alligator to skyscrapers, inside a carwash (which suddenly becomes a relaxing process), at a glass-blowing factory, on a dirt racetrack, and perhaps the most striking image is the fish, whose situation is one that’s relatable both in desperation for salvation and hope that it’ll come soon. The video acts as part of the Valtari Mystery Film Experiment project for Sigur Rós’ album Valtari, where they’ve handed over creative rights to a dozen filmmakers, and have been releasing new videos every couple of weeks. The next film will be released July 30th, but for now, take a deep breath and enjoy the music video by Ramin Bahrani below.

Sigur Rós – Ég anda from Sigur Rós Valtari Mystery Films on Vimeo.

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