4 Jul
Sure Bear Hands has some issues with our bullshit, but they still want to celebrate the 4th of July with all y'all

In honor of America’s birthday (‘MURICA’S NUMBER 1 MOTHERF*CKERS), post-punk/experimentalists Bear Hands have released a 12-minute video containing 3 songs titled Songs from Utopia Volume 1  — a collection of “quasi-political thought pieces” (tracklist below). The EP serves as a manifestation and recognition of urban consciousness, a collection of aware, outspoken songs regarding what the Brooklyn band has learned about society’s misrepresentation of marginalized groups. So, I guess it’s just a little slap on the wrist while we all celebrate the 4th of July. Watch the video for Songs from Utpoia Volume 1 below, and if you like download the EP entirely for free HERE.

EP Tracklist:
1. What I’ve Learned
2. Bullshit Saviour Complex
3. Disaster Shy

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