3 Jul
Latest addition to high end German watch customizer's collection

After the Panerai Verarena quickly sold out from the “Phantom Series,” German watch designer Blaken decided it’s time to make another style of Rolex even more valuable than it already is. Known for working with one of the highest brands of luxury and quality, Blaken starts with a base Rolex and uses two multiple-patented hi-tech procedures to add an ultra hard finish — one that can take more than 16 days to achieve. This Rolex Submariner Date 116610 LN now comes in the highest grade of dark Superluminova, and is also shock-resistant and waterproof so it’s as sturdy as the diamond-like carbon its coated in. Blaken’s Submariner Date “Phantom Series” watch comes in an engraved military watchbox with three years of worldwide warranty, and can be purchased for $20,760 (€16,500).



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