20 Jul
You won't see these on Pawn Stars......

When the young and infamous criminal/lover duo were gunned down on May 23rd 1934, they left behind two very valuable pieces: Clyde’s Colt .45 1911 Government Model semi-automatic pistol (bottom) and Bonnie’s Colt Detective Special .38 revolver (top). They’re the first weapons to be found that are not only directly, but intimately related to the robber/murderer/celebrity couple. Clyde’s gun was found attached to the waistband of his pants, but Bonnie’s gun is just outright salacious — it was found taped to the inside of her inner thigh with white medical adhesive tape. Now that’s gangsta. I guess back in the days of the Great Depression, the only benefit to being female was that if you were a criminal, no gentlemen officer would ever dare poke their hands near your unmentionables. The couple was ultimately hunted down by Texas Ranger Frank Hamer who set up an ambush in rural Bienville Parish, Louisiana. The guns will be coming up for auction in September, and with them come two notarized letters from Hamer’s son, former Special Texas Ranger Frank Hamer Jr., which further authenticates the fact that these guns were in fact taken from the actual bodies (because, you know, cops never lie). The pre-sale estimate for each is between $100,000 and $200,000. The Winchester shotgun and Tommy Gun, which were merely associated with Bonnie and Clyde’s gang sold for $80,000 and $130,000 earlier this year. Having said that, it’s only expected that these guns get sold for much much more, especially since the revolver (top) was grazing the inside of a 23 year old female gangster’s inner thigh for god knows how long…


2 Responses to “Bonnie & Clyde’s Guns. For Sale. For Real.”

  1. Jose says:

    estoy en contra de estas subastas quien les dio el derecho de vender algo que no les pertenece ah? eso deberia ir a un museo. miren a estos pillos haciendo plata con algo que no es suyo!

  2. dAbUshMAstEr says:

    Bonnie’s gun (.38 special) is really a “SEXY” & precious gun to own!! .. :-)

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