27 Jul
The rise of the subvertisment movement. Resistance is (not) futile.

England is recently home to an international subvertising campaign hosting 25 artists from around the world. The artists designed large scale subvertisements to fit over public space billboards in a convention that has come to be known as Brandalism. The subvertisments mean to take back the landscape and put a fork in the eye of advertising which is the match that lights the spark which keeps consumer culture burning bright, right? To quote one written word subvertisment: “HERE COMES THE BOOM OF THE END OF YOUR CIVILIZATION AND DON’T YOU LOOK PRETTY IN YOUR COOL NEW JEANS.” The quote is advertising the end of the world while honing in on a key hypocrisy in counter culture’s current incarnation. Everyone is a victim in consumerism, and it’s becoming increasingly hard to tell the difference between a human’s pleasure and the planet’s pain, identity and servitude to an image. The pieces were installed over a five day period by a group of guerillas — check out some of the subversive messages in the gallery below. Peruse the Brandalism gallery for the artists’ names and the pieces’ titles.

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